A bit of a catch-up

Wow, I haven’t been here for ages. So here’s a breakdown of what’s been happening.

I’m doing work experience for extra benefit money (yay) at a place called Road Materials.

We supply things like hi-vis gear, wet-weather gear, hard hats, socks, some really random stuff… So I hope this will help get me a job, though I don’t think they’ll hire me at the end. As much as I like working there, and I’m pretty good at it, they don’t really need me. Until I get a job though, it’s a pretty good way to pass the time and my anxiety plays up less. Most of the time.

I started the Kemetic Orthodoxy (KO) beginner course to see what KO entailed properly. I’m not really big on organised religion, so I’m not sure where it will take me, but let’s see.

I’m about to buy the Wild Unknown tarot deck. It is gorgeous and I will need a lot of practice with it (read: I’m doing free readings).

I’ve been getting the urge to write many different stories, and have lots of characters creating themselves in my head without my permission. Also, I have the urge to read tarot for everyone but myself. I wondered about this briefly and had Djehuty flash through my mind (cackling a little). Thinking to myself “but what if that’s just everyone talking about Him getting to my head?” Then Ptah flashed through, so now I’m somewhat confused. And curious. He’s a creator so I guess writing makes some sense, but tarot? I guess we’ll see.

Had a discussion about monolatry with Josh, which I shall talk about later; it deserves its’ own post.

I guess that’s about it for now, that I can remember. And now that that’s done, I can post again ^__^

A freaky dream and tarot readings!

I haven’t posted in ages but there hasn’t really been a lot to post.

A few nights ago I had a dream where my two flatmates were with me and their 9/10 month old in a buggy on a beach (For ease I shall call the husband Bear and the wife Minx and the baby Cutie). The beach wasn’t very wide and had a tall retaining wall. The two were talking when Bear very quickly ‘teleported’ out to the horizon and back and resumed the conversation. The waves suddenly got bigger and bigger and closer. I told Minx to get up off the beach, to take Cutie fast. She wasn’t listening to me though, just talking with Bear. Then it was too late and as she was about to turn to go, a massive wave washed over us, up to our shoulders, pushing us up against the retaining wall. It subsided fairly quickly and Minx got Cutie out of the buggy and he was fine, not even crying, just spluttering a little. Then there was another wave, and another and they didn’t go away and it pushed me into Bear, who knocked his head against the wall, getting a small cut on his cheekbone. At which point I woke up.

I am a wee bit freaked out by this dream and if anyone can interpret it, I would be grateful.

Also I have started doing free readings on tumblr to practice! I got my first two today, which was a bit exciting, I don’t usually get asks from strangers, it’s kind of a nice feeling 🙂 If you’re on tumblr com help me out! Just flick me an ask with Private/Don’t care and Question/General and a spread you would like (optional) and I will answer it between 7pm and 9pm (NZ time) the day it was received! Or if you aren’t on tumblr and want to help me out anyways, send me an email here:

And I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Do you think I should make a special page for a tarot readings contact form?

Talking to Set.

My ‘godphone’ is very staticy. It doesn’t work so good. So I’ve decided to try to talk to Set through tarot, something that was talked about briefly on tumblr. The first thing I asked has gotten a large response. I asked “What are you trying to tell me that I’m not hearing?” The response:

  1. Page of Wands (reversed). What I get from that (from 3 sources) News is coming from an unexpected source (I wasn’t sure I would get a response so maybe that’s this). Listen to your intuition and talk to people about experiences.
  2. The Star (reversed). You are doubting, this is clouding your perception and slowing your growth.Trust yourself and reach out to others.
  3. Knight of Wands. Come to conclusions on your own terms: be self confident. Take time to explore before spending time and money on new things (*looks bashful* I have bought things in the past before really exploring). Positive work message- I have recently asked for help with job hunting. Perhaps this means he will help me?
  4. 2 of Cups. Things are going well. “Development of an important relationship”. I think he approves of my attempts to work with him.
  5. The Devil. Discontent leads to stagnation. Don’t be so tied to material things that you neglect the spiritual.  Look deeper than the superficial. Perhaps he’s afraid I will be swayed by people who view Set as a ‘bad chaos god’?
  6. Queen of Wands. I think here he’s telling me to be more outgoing and self confident. Again: talk to people
  7. 7 of Swords. Everyone is allowed to have secrets, so don’t pry too much. You don’t need a leader to grow spiritually, go explore on your own.

So the bottom line of what Set is trying to tell me is: go talk to people, listen to your gut and explore and don’t get too material. Oh, and he likes the fact that I’m trying to communicate. This is good. Very reassuring.

I think I shall use this method of communication more often. It works rather well.