Diving deeper

I have noticed over time that I have been slowly developing my path, deepening it (shock! horror!). I think a lot about Ma’at these days, and chaos, and how sometimes we think one is the other and how confusing life is. Like how something seems to be chaotic and awful and shitty, but really, in hindsight, it was what had to happen to pave the way for other things, and, in that sense, it was actually of Ma’at. I know I’m only a (very) baby Kemetic, and I doubt I will ever be orthodox, but I think I made the right choice here, choosing to focus on Sutekh (and by extension Kemeticism) rather than try to juggle two completely different pantheons. I’m not saying I will never work with any other god or pantheon, just not until I feel I have become… stable.

On another note, I really wish I could help people. I wish I had the experience to help people. Like if they had questions that I could answer about all sorts of things; Kemeticism, paganism in general, travelling, life. I want to help, but I either know that I don;t have the knowledge, or I’m not comfortable because I’m not sure. And if I offer help over the interwebs, like just being an ear to vent at, I feel like a creepy stalker person. I just hope that one day, I will be able to help people, like others have helped me.

I want to help, but I don't know how :(

I want to help, but I don’t know how 😦