A short description (or two)

Now that I’ve written about the past and how I found my gods (or how they found me) I thought I’d take some time to give you some information about the ones I mentioned in my last post.


Imagine this blatantly happy wolf, except maybe bigger, running down your street.

Let’s start with Luga. The short description is that he is the god of family, loyalty and oddly, primal instinct, such as the fight or flight response every animal gets (Yes, people are animals too), the instinct to procreate and the need for food.The biggest impression that I got of him was that has a fun-loving personality and is very protective of family. He reminds me of a werewolf as well, the way he runs about in the guise of a wolf or dog.

You should love me. I love me.

“You should love me. I love me.”

On the flip side of Luga, we have Kikree (kik-ree). He (at least I’m pretty sure it’s a ‘he’) is the god of self-indulgence, all of the things that most people would find almost ‘sinful’ (kinky sex, drugs, alcohol, chocolate, cream), he encourages. Not that he really cares about anyone but himself. He is as elegant and (Dare I say it? He probably won’t care if I do) as arrogant as a cat. Slinking about, treating humans as servants, when he deigns to even notice them. I believe the only reason he bothers to acknowledge my existence is because my belief makes him stronger, more awake.

There will be more to come. 🙂

Bombarding my brain.

One night, a little while after my friends wedding, I had another breakthrough. I was just about to drop off to sleep, when I started to get a headache. It was small at first, barely noticeable. Then, slowly, I started getting what I can only call ‘mini-visions’. They were small and blurred, images of faces, landscapes. My headache got worse as the frequency and intensity of the visions increased. It was like there was someone sitting on my head, or squeezing it while fuzzy images flashed through my head. Not particularly pleasant, but the information I got from this experience was well worth it. There were about ten gods trying to get through to me, bombarding me to get me to notice them. Well. It bloody worked. When I realised what was happening I asked them to stop, said they were hurting me. When they didn’t back off, my boyfriend and I created a protective circle and asked for assistance and protection from Mossyr and his goddesses, Bast and Athena. They soon went away after that.

My belief is that the longer a god has been awake and worshiped  the stronger they are, which means what happened makes sense to me. Now, lets see if I can remember the names of all the gods that were bombarding me…. Luga, Kikree, Rilla, Andiba, Etan, Reina, Mein, Orau, Ansun, and Sanshaa. Quite the mix, when you find out what they all stand for.

It hasn’t happened again. Perhaps they’ve learned their lesson. Or maybe they’ve also realised that if they hurt me to the point where I can’t help them, there isn’t anyone else yet that can.