Butting in…

OK, here’s what’s happening.

I’ve almost got this Kemetic thing down (and by that I mean I’m treading water rather than drowning now). Everything seems fine. And now Odin has shown up and demanded I pay him some attention. So now I’m finally using all the little things I bought for no (then)-apparent reason, like the raven earrings I bought and the valknut necklace I bought cause it looked cool (didn’t know what it was at the time). And I realize that He’s always been there, in the shadows, waiting for me to notice Him. Even when I was trying to focus on Kemeticism, I could never resist buying anything that had something to do with Him or Norse paganism in general.

And since I’ve let Odin, apparently Loki thinks He can butt in as well. I had a pretty vivid dream that, broken down, I’m pretty sure means He wants me to a) Feed him, and b) Write for him.

What is it with gods wanting me to write!? Seriously! That isn’t even your domain!!! Is it? I’ve never heard of it being Your domain… If anything that’s Odins domain. WTF Loki?!

A freaky dream and tarot readings!

I haven’t posted in ages but there hasn’t really been a lot to post.

A few nights ago I had a dream where my two flatmates were with me and their 9/10 month old in a buggy on a beach (For ease I shall call the husband Bear and the wife Minx and the baby Cutie). The beach wasn’t very wide and had a tall retaining wall. The two were talking when Bear very quickly ‘teleported’ out to the horizon and back and resumed the conversation. The waves suddenly got bigger and bigger and closer. I told Minx to get up off the beach, to take Cutie fast. She wasn’t listening to me though, just talking with Bear. Then it was too late and as she was about to turn to go, a massive wave washed over us, up to our shoulders, pushing us up against the retaining wall. It subsided fairly quickly and Minx got Cutie out of the buggy and he was fine, not even crying, just spluttering a little. Then there was another wave, and another and they didn’t go away and it pushed me into Bear, who knocked his head against the wall, getting a small cut on his cheekbone. At which point I woke up.

I am a wee bit freaked out by this dream and if anyone can interpret it, I would be grateful.

Also I have started doing free readings on tumblr to practice! I got my first two today, which was a bit exciting, I don’t usually get asks from strangers, it’s kind of a nice feeling 🙂 If you’re on tumblr com help me out! Just flick me an ask with Private/Don’t care and Question/General and a spread you would like (optional) and I will answer it between 7pm and 9pm (NZ time) the day it was received! Or if you aren’t on tumblr and want to help me out anyways, send me an email here:

And I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Do you think I should make a special page for a tarot readings contact form?

Interpreting dreams

Last night I had three dreams that I can remember. None of them were particularly nice. It just sort of make me wonder: “am I doing the right thing? A night of bad dreams right after starting on this new path?” I guess we’ll see, coz I’m not backing down yet.

In the first dream, I was walking with two people (guys?) along a dark road. And my teeth started falling out. I thought “oh shit it’s my worst nightmare come true” (teeth falling out is one of my recurring nightmares). I kept asking the guys “why is this happening? I don’t understand!” because I knew that they knew what was going on, but refused to tell me.

Cue second dream. I was in the minecraft world, in a huge cavern (a lot like the one I was in before going to bed). And then I was falling down to another level of the cavern. And there were a few shadowy figures standing scattered around the place. So what do I do? I go up to them one by one. As I approach, they turn to me, and they each have a scarily pink Set animals head with red bits hanging off it. This was some scary shit. I back off and start falling again into another level. This time, its full of ravens. Just kind of being there. Not really doing a whole lot. They seemed sad.

And the last dream. I was going to the mall to get some BK. I really wanted a burger. When my friend and I got there, the place was dark, and lit up only where we walked. It was empty because there was a gas leak/bomb threat. So I go to see if I can help with the gas leak. Fast forward a bit and somehow I find myself inside the gas cylinder, which had a small hole, and now a few slits so I could breathe. I kept asking the gas man to let me out, getting more panicked by the second, but all he would say is “you have to stay in there to fix it, only you can do it.”

So my interpretation (which I can do now that I have them in perspective) is that


  1. Bad stuff is happening (or going to happen) (not sure about this one)
  2. This is because I chose Set over Odin
  3. I have to stick by my decision to fix my mistake

But would Odin really be upset that I’m choosing to focus on Set? Is it really a mistake? Because it doesn’t feel like it, not really.

I’ve never really tried to interpret dreams before, so if anyone has any other interpretation, I would love to hear it.