Butting in…

OK, here’s what’s happening.

I’ve almost got this Kemetic thing down (and by that I mean I’m treading water rather than drowning now). Everything seems fine. And now Odin has shown up and demanded I pay him some attention. So now I’m finally using all the little things I bought for no (then)-apparent reason, like the raven earrings I bought and the valknut necklace I bought cause it looked cool (didn’t know what it was at the time). And I realize that He’s always been there, in the shadows, waiting for me to notice Him. Even when I was trying to focus on Kemeticism, I could never resist buying anything that had something to do with Him or Norse paganism in general.

And since I’ve let Odin, apparently Loki thinks He can butt in as well. I had a pretty vivid dream that, broken down, I’m pretty sure means He wants me to a) Feed him, and b) Write for him.

What is it with gods wanting me to write!? Seriously! That isn’t even your domain!!! Is it? I’ve never heard of it being Your domain… If anything that’s Odins domain. WTF Loki?!

4 thoughts on “Butting in…

  1. Sarenth says:

    The Gods can have crossover areas just as much as They can have areas of specialty. Sometimes it is Odin who inspires me to write, other times it is Loki, other times Sigyn or Anpu. I wish you luck on working with Them. I wish you luck in walking these paths!

    • Thanks 🙂 In the dream Loki was dictating to me (sort of) through his phone and I was seeing the things as I wrote them. It was a pretty epic saga actually, but when I dream things like that, they aren’t dictated to me…

  2. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Considering that they’re foster brothers it doesn’t have to be that odd for Loki to butt in. Words have always held magic, spoken, carved in stone, or written down electronically in this day and age. Find the right ones and put them in the right succession and that’s where you’ll see their true power. If Loki wants you to write for him I’d keep my guard up personally, I’d write but I’d be cautious about it. Can never tell with Loki.

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